Live Streaming

Welcome To My Live Stream

So you may be wondering what exactly this is. Well, this is actually a page for people to view whatever I decide to stream on my Justin.TV channel right here at In the past I've streamed things such as Mega Man 4 Extreme Runs (buster only when possible) and Tailspin Extreme Runs (no items bought at Wildcat's Hangar). There's no telling what I plan to stream but when I do you'll see it here.

NEXT STREAM: 11/2/2013: NES Marathon for Extra-Life Charity Event

Watch live video from NeoScyther on
Like last year, this year I'm playing in the Extra-Life Charity Event to help raise money for the Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH. If you'd like to donate, click the button below. While most of what I stream will be just whatever games I feel like streaming, there are a couple I do plan to run. These won't be speed runs or points runs. These will be just-for-fun runs. Enjoy!